Bad audiences for the return of ‘Westworld’, offset by the streaming and reruns


The bombshell that was ‘Westworld’ a few years ago has been decreasing its intensity with the passage of time. The HBO series came for the first time in 2016 and won a good number of fans that followed the adventures of Dolores and company for the park during its second season. However, the third installment, which just premiered, did not or much less the same results of hearing with its first episode.

'Westworld' third season

In fact, the issue barely exceeded 900,000 viewers, a far cry from the 2.1 million that had been achieved by the first episode of the second season. But, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the low numbers they managed to be reassembled in the same day. The streaming service from HBO and reruns that made the channel throughout the day were able to increase the number of viewers to 1.7 million in its first 24 hours.

That means that almost half of the audience, the 47%, he preferred to watch the episode at another time. A percentage outrageous if you compare it with the premiere of the second season, that just meant a third of the total number of visualizations. Even so, the end result is still not as good as you would expecttaking into account that the total audience of the first episode of the second season in its first day, it was 3 million people.

Bad premiere on

The low figures when compared with itself should not erase the fact that ‘Westworld’ is still one of the series best work HBO. The most recent series that have occupied the same time slot Sunday on the channel have been ‘The visitor’ and ‘Watchmen’. This last amounted to a total of 1.5 million spectators, without reaching even to the 800,000 in its first broadcast. For ‘The visitor’ the number was somewhat lower, at 1.1 million, of which 724.000 were during the broadcast.

‘Westworld’ to maintain its privileged place within the favorite of the public in the chain, but with a difference each time more small. And if it is not possible to trace the course of the season, it is likely that the fourth installment, when it arrives, suffer a debacle even more serious.