Blow hard to María Patiño. I uncovered! (and it affects your child) Top secret in to you …


March 18, 2020
(14:37 CET)

The fight against the coronavirus is still standing. All the countries trying to stop the spread and get down to the figures of contagion. For this reason it is very important, not only the great work of health personnel, but also of citizenship. Staying at home is vital in these moments to not get sick of coronavirus. The number of infected continues to grow, but it was something predictable. This week would be the peak of the disease in Spain.

This Wednesday a council of ministers and subsequently the king Felipe VI direct a few words of tranquility to the citizenry. Last Tuesday, Pedro Sanchez again sorry to unveil economic measures that will be taken out to help small businesses and self-employed. Coming very difficult times, and probably this situation of confinement is extended for more weeks.

The television has also been affected. Some programs have been cancelled temporarily, while others have changed their dynamics and content. All that are issued are without an audience and many collaborators and presenters have decided to stay at home or work from home.

María Patiño It is the case of Maria Patiño. The collaborator showed its concern last week. Especially for your child, who wants to go out with his friends but will not allow it. The son of the tertuliana is currently studying and, if this situation extends over time, it is very likely that the students of both colleges as universities or vocational training, are affected. Are not giving the same content and it will be very difficult to meet the planned objectives.

In addition, María Patiño you have more worries and problems. While not going to Save me don’t have an income. The journalist charged for each day worked. On the other hand her husband, the famous venezuelan actor there are also good things. The young man has a bar in Madrid that has had to close by the standards set by the Government. This results in serious losses.