Chiquis Rivera delights her fans to show off their spectacular legs under the sun


Chiquis Rivera it is one of the women ‘ curvy more sensual Instagram and for the show. The singer, songwriter and entrepreneur of american origin it has been highlighted a lot by having too much security to the delight of his millions of fans on social networks with its unique figure; and now bragged about their spectacular legs while taking the sun.

Mounted in a car, Janney Marín Méndez, better known as Chiquis Rivera dressed herself with a short sweatshirt in pink color and wore tennis shoes covered in bright sun. But what stands out the most of the publication were the amazing and sexy legs of the performer.

The daughter of Jenni Rivera always looks very bold the best parts of your body. Without anything of worth, Chiquis Rivera choose the outfits more revealing and tight to teach what good is leaving your body now that you’ve starting to lose weight. And although still receiving criticism for his silhouette, she has a lot more confidence than before in order to teach your body.

Chiquis Rivera weight loss

The singer, businesswoman and influencer often share with their more than 3 million followers on Instagram, the whole procedure has had to follow in order to lose weight. Because for many years he was judged for being a woman ‘ curvy, and although it still continues to be, her commitment to eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise are giving good results.

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Therefore, the wife of the singer Lorenzo Mendez, feels a lot more sure of itself as to be increasingly without less garments or with the garments more sensual that you can find in your wardrobe.

With their bold photos, Chiquis Rivera has managed to gain a lot more fans than he had in the past, who admire them for the great change that is making the singer, as well as the charism and the good attitude is, and always presumed in your account of Instagram.