Criticize Ozuna for the place where he has decided to spend the quarantine


Ozuna announced last Friday that it had quarantined a volunteer to present some flu-like symptoms, and without knowing if it could be the coronavirus chose to take this measure to prevent any type of infection.

“I’m in quarantine because I have a flu and I don’t know if it is the coranavirus“said from a boat in which she was celebrating her 28th birthday surrounded by his own.

Despite the worry that caused, in large part, for their unconditional, the last publication that has shared the Bold Clear Eyes in the social network of Instagram has caused the opposite effect in the virtual world.

The interpreter has shared a video in which you see him enjoying the boat with his family, while some are dancing on the ship while others are on the edge of the beach moving to a song that speaks precisely about the coronavirus.

“With the family in quarantine,” he wrote next to the clip. However, this content has not been well received among your community of followers and you have been branded “irresponsible” by not staying in house, as it is asking to much of the population to prevent a greater number of infections.

“For the rich there is no problem with the quarantine,” “irresponsible very large. Quarantine is in their homes with their families, for people as well is that there are so many infections and we pay the righteous for the sinners”, “Quarantine said, not a damn vacation,” or “you’re being irresponsible, and more with your family and loved ones. You have not understood the gravity of the situation”, are some of the criticism he has received for this video.

A similar reaction woke up the video Daddy Yankee in which he reported that he had also opted for pass the social isolation in your home aquatic for their problems to stay locked up.