Danielle Clyde, and Daniel Bautista: So revealed her pregnancy


The couple of influencers Daniell, Clyde and Daniel Bautista recently reported that they are awaiting their first baby. This was disclosed through its account of Instagram where they shared a beautiful video where it is observed to Daniell talking about how you learned of this amazing news.

In this recording he also never thought he could be pregnant and when the test was made, just took a little bit to play but when he observed that he was positive did not know how to act so he called his sister for support.

In another video shared on Instagram the famous influencers showed how was the process of giving the news to their family and their best friends. In this video also shows the famous influencer Languages of Cat, and the singer Mario Bautista.

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Languages of Cat-and-Mario Bautista are very excited

Languages of Cat is one of the best friends of Daniell Clyde and that is why his reaction when he knew that it would be “tia” it was very important to the couple and at the time you find out she starts to cry and hugs her friend.

On the other hand, Mario Bautista is the brother of Daniel, and when he heard he thought it was a joke and couldn’t believe it. It was only until Danniell spoke very serious that Mario managed to process the news, and proceeded to embrace both.