Do you drink milk daily? You are playing with this fatal disease

derived from the milk

March 18, 2020
(15:38 CET)

The dairy it is a product important in our diet because it has a multitude of benefits for us as you can be reduce the cholesterol level, control blood pressure, regulate the overweight…

However, not everything is as good as we paint it. And is that for a long time has talked about how good were the dairy for our bones and it is not so.

Careful with the osteoporosis

The consumption of dairy products can cause an acidification of our body, which causes changes in our body, which fight against the acidification by removing alkaline minerals from its reserves, and that has a mainstream use is the calcium from our bones.

That should be an emergency procedure, however, with the consumption of milk this state of survival that enters our body creates stress and inflammation in our body.

All of this it does not help the bones, which is desmineralizan and accelerates osteoporosis, so be very careful with the milk. Like all foods, there are that take it in its just measure.

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