Dress very short. María Patiño risk, and you will see everything live! Attention


March 19, 2020
(15:20 CET)

If there is a chain in which in each of your programs can happen, that can not be other than Telecinco. Paolo Vasilethe maximum responsible of Telecincoinvented many years ago, a formula of entertainment in the controversy and television’s most ‘real’ became a synonym for hearing.

Programs such as Save Me, Saturday Deluxe, Survivors or Great Brotheramong many others, are now part of the history not only of the chain, but of tv in general in our country.

María Teresa Campos in Save me

But of course, that lead straight to the end, that begin to circulate through the corridors of the chain with the camera on his shoulder has caused on more than one occasion that the direct them go out of hand. Especially in what refers to the carelessness.

The neglect of Maria Patiño

And one of those affected by this or was it another María Patiño. The presenter Socialite he decided that it was a very good idea to dance in front of the camera. What is not thought is that the dress was too short and, at the time that two dancers lifted, you would see everything.

And so it was. As we can see in the picture, the neglect left little to the imagination. And of course, as expected, the comments continue to multiply in the networks. There are those who says that was anything other than that, a mere oversight.

Maria Patiño

Others, surely those who are part of the sector anti-Marypoint in another direction. And that is no other than that of ensuring that Mary knew very well that the camera was going to be there and that was not exactly an oversight.

My mother if this woman wants to be the protagonist always”, “The María Patiño is not normal”, “Knew perfectly well that he would give him that, not the clueless”, “And the people believe that is an oversight…” or “Unfortunate” are some comments of this style that are still circulating on the networks.