Esperanza Aguirre and her husband, who was hospitalized after testing positive in coronavirus


Our country is in the middle of health crisis after the rapid expansion of the COVID-19. Today Spain registered 17.395 cases of infection in Spain, 15.485 assets, after the death of 803 people and 1.107 patients fully recovered. Among the people who have given positive find of course many familiar faces from the political landscape Spanish and between the same, one of the last to be knowledgeable is a carrier of the virus is the former chair of the community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre.

Esperanza Aguirre, infected with coronavirus

Esperanza Aguirre, infected with coronavirus

As has informed the public broadcaster under sources of, Servimedia, Esperanza Aguirre and her husband Fernando Ramírez de Haro, are admitted to a public hospital in madrid after having given positive tests for coronavirus. Both decided to undergo the corresponding analytics after having some of the symptoms of the COVID-19. Finally and after a few days, both have received the results and in fact, have given positive. For it is admitted in a health centre of the Community of Madrid.

Other cases in the world of politics

The positive Aguirre assumes a name in the world of the policy that adds the list of other people responsible for this area who have also publicly confirmed that they are carriers of the virus. In this way, among the first infected, we find the minister of Equality, Irene Montero and the responsible of the ministry of Territorial Policy, Carolina Darias. The positive of both enabled the Government to complete is submit the evidence of the coronavirus, but no member of the executive was positive. It should be remembered also that Pedro Sanchez beyond this test had to undergo a second after that your woman does give positive to the so-called COVID-19.

In regard to the policy of madrid is concerned, noting that the councillors of Environment, Paloma Martín, and the president, Eugenia Carbelledo, tested positive for COVID-19 as Isabel Diaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid. An attack of coughing in an interview in the ‘Concluding’ of the Telemadrid tv station put her on alert, and despite having tested negative a few days ago, the responsible policy of madrid became to submit to a medical test for the coronavirus that ultimately gave positive. To day of today this is working from home, waiting to recover completely from the virus.