Gema Lopez I threatened! by this photo. “Delete it oh you scoundrel!” (and worse things)


March 18, 2020
(15:15 CET)

“You have to stay at home”, is the message repeated again and again in all the media, the last words of Pedro Sanchezthe recommendations of influencers and famous people, around the world it is clear that to end as soon as possible with the coronavirus have to pass the quarantine locked up. This is to avoid the virus from spreading and affecting a larger number of people. However there are many people uncivil and irresponsible that do not comply with the recommendations.

This is the case of Gema Lopez, who has left to Save me temporarily to avoid contamination. The partner was going to stay at home, however he has deceived all his companions and followers.

Gema Lopez on the street“A year ago, nor could we imagine… we tend to think that everything is for always without dwelling on the importance of the small moments, the pleasures simpler, the things that seem insignificant but which in the end are life”wrote Gem Lopez next to a publication where she can be seen taking the air in a nice garden in the street.

“But listen to your that you are on the street in these moments?? Strip to your home immediately comply with the orders as every responsible citizen and stay at home”, “I invite you to delete that post, is inviting you to come out or is that not what you see”, “I’m going to denounce is photo by neglect”, are some of the comments.

After the criticism, as indicated by the journalist, is publishing corresponds to march 2019. Is where it was a year ago. What truth or lie? Does not believe it.