Gloria Camila does. I photo bomb! Quarantine paws up ¡teaching all of that!


March 18, 2020
(16:00 CET)

Gloria Camila is living this coronavirus as the vast majority of Spanish: at home. The daughter of Ortega Cano you know very well that, the best thing you can do to combat this virus is to have as little contact as possible with other people and stay at home to avoid possible infection.

And of course, with so much time ahead, the social networks have become one of the focal points of entertainment for many. Between them Glory Camila. And that is the collaborator of Telecinco has not done other things to share with his followers through stories a picture that has left many with his mouth open.

The photo of Gloria Camila

Among other things because, unlike what tends to make the daughter of the bullfighter, Gloria Camila has chosen to hang on their networks an image in which we can see when she was a little girl.

Gloria Camila

An image that has already demonstrated its taste for the ballet. And of course, the comments have not done anything else to skyrocket. Comments such as “What mona”, “Precious”, “we Want more pictures like Gloria Camila”, “I saw he was going to be a star”, “Brutal” or “This type of photo I hallucinating” these are just some of them.

However, as expected, have also been many that have dropped to the contributor that, while it is true that pictures as well like prefer the that tends to raise, normally from your sink.

And it is that, without explaining even what is the reason, in the last few months Glory Camila it has been fond of posting photos in which we see her in a corner very specific to your sink with outfits that left very very little to the imagination.

We will see whether or not you follow the recommendations from your followers or choose to continue by way of the photos vintage. Whatever your choice, it’s sure that the images you will succeed.