Happened during a photo shoot


When the movement spread MeToo that has brought to light the numerous cases of harassment that have occurred in the course of these years in the entertainment world, american, and not only that, it seems that famous people have less reluctance to tackle such a sensitive topic, as evidenced by the latest declarations of the rapper Cardi B.

The story of the harassment

In an interview for the television broadcast Untold Stories of Hip Hopthe singer told an unpleasant episode that has view of the protagonist rather recently, and that has aroused in her a certain disgust, a deep rage. Cardi B has told him, in fact, he has been the victim of sexual harassmentduring a photo shoot at a studio famous for then being published by a magazine that the star has not wanted to specify the name:

The photographer was trying to approach me. He asked me: ‘do you Want to be on this magazine?’. And then he pulled out the c….. I was so angry, all of this is absurd.

The singer continued her story by revealing that immediately after the incident is addressed to the responsible of the magazine, whose reaction was for her, even more shocking, since they did not receive the support hoped for, but a complete indifference: “I reported what had happened. He looked at me as if to say: ‘And then?”.

A supporter of the movement MeToo

In telling this unpleasant episode Cardi B is known as a strenuous supporter of the Movement Metoo, emphasizing the importance, especially in the face of a world that is increasingly violent and conspiracy, the task that belongs to the characters of the show is to talk about these events, and also to feel close to those who maybe do not have the courage to speak up, because they live in difficult situations, as points to herself in front of the cameras of the note american broadcast: “There are girls grown up in difficult districts that have suffered the same type of treatment. Their experiences make you feel as if I had to do something. It really happens every day.”