has wonderful curly afro


Cardi B it is one of the artists most requested and popular of the moment, became famous not only thanks to her talent, but also to look bold and sexy and has every time he appears in public. Many are those who love its forms, provocative but, if there is a detail that makes it really original, are the hairstyles: thanks to colorful wigs and extension, is capable of always leave without words to the fans, ranging from hair fire red, have highlights platinum blond and big long tails, and smooth up the seat. In the last hours, however, decided to change the register, showing a version that is really unprecedented. The rapper was photographed just before entering the shower and, in addition to not be afraid to reveal your face without even a trace of makeup, wore also her hair “natural£”.

The singer has wonderful curly fluffy and afro, a real mane untamed and explosive, which gives it a lot. In the first short video shared said: “Look at my hair. These are my real hair. Now I wash them. Wow, I’m so proud of myself“, suggesting that in this version of the afro you like very much. Shortly after, he shared another short Stories in which, soon after he started to make the fold, has half curly, half extra smooth. The difference is really evident, with the plate, the hair stretch of at least ten centimeters. How long will it take to iron the hair each time you shampoo? The only thing is wax that would not have any need of the wigs, because the tresses natural does not appear at all dry or damaged.