He confesses his infidelity. David Bustamante was not expected this! Leave them for Instagram


David Bustamante

March 18, 2020
(15:39 CET)

Operation Triumph has put the closure after the proclamation of the state of alarm by the coronavirus. The direction of the program and the production company took this decision after not being able to continue with the galas normally. This edition, which ensures that has not yet ended, it is the most controversial has left, but continue to exist despite the fact that the contestants are in the house.

The format will bid farewell to viewers with the unknown romance between Hugo and Eva. The triunfitos were kept close together at all times, but did not confirm the relationship. Precisely the guy has published a direct in your account of Instagram disobeying the recommendations of Noemi Galera, who made it clear that alejasen of social networks. “You will be aware of what is happening in the networks, if that affects you in any way Jasmina (psychologist program) you will attend telematically. My advice is to let the mobile”explained the psychologist of the program. It was something that could happen, more than predictable. Without doubt, when the contestants return to the Academy no longer will be the same.

Hugo decided to respond to all those people who were associated with Eve, his companion. At the start of the program, Hugo was very much in love with his girlfriend Aurora. However, he has wanted to leave it via Instagram. “It was not a relationship at all healthy“said before the camera of their mobile young. The most controversial was when he said that he had not signed any contract not to be unfaithful to your partner.

“I have not done so to consciousness. Has been watching bit by bit as it was the thing”, and added: “I have tried to do the best possible, has happened to me as it could have passed to any person”. It now only remains to hope that both can recover at the Academy. In the program of David Bustamante also fell in love with some triunfitos, the most talked-about David Bisbal and Chicago.