“I have this disease”. Kiko Hernandez (and all Telecinco knew that.) Photo by uncovering the secret


Kiko Hernandez Nuria Marín

March 19, 2020
(13:15 CET)

Increasingly, there are more young people who are installed in Telecinco, while the veterans, as Kiko Hernandez facing new challenges and they think to say goodbye. For the moment continues to be the partner wanted to Save me, and although it is now confined is pending for the last hour. As has explained Ishmaelone of the faces star of The island of temptations.

Ishmael came to the reality of the hand of his girlfriend Andreabut finally their love story ended. He decided to go without it after discovering that he had been unfaithful with Oscar. A hard blow was not expected. Made it up in a program MYHYV and melted into an emotional hug.

Thanks to your participation in the program, Ishmael has seen it increase its number of followers on Instagram and has begun to make business with it. In addition, he uses social networks to show personal aspects of your life. Now that is confined at home due to the coronavirus, and the state of alarm decreed by the Government of Spain, Ismael is taking advantage of the time to take advantage of your facet of influencer. Even has bought a new computer to edit your videos.

Ismael diseases

Ishmael has unveiled its diseases. The young person is a person of high-risk and should remain exclusively in the home. Ismael has commented on many occasions through the social networks is diabetic type 1 and also celiac what does that have to control to the maximum all your meals. This morning has shown to his followers as you have to measure the amount of glucose in the blood and prick insulin.