It alarming! Odalys Ramírez, of Televisa remains in quarantine for coronavirus


Odalys Ramirez lto famous conductor of Televisa, shocked his followers on Instagram to give out a delicate time in your family, as the presenter revealed on your social networks that your doctor told you to do quarantine for the disease coronavirus.

Odalys Ramírez started to feel ill a few days ago, as it had trouble breathing, so they immediately went to be tested for the virus Covid-19, for to know if you had coronavirus, as you now have seen the emergence of new cases of the disease in the company of Televisa.

Through a video where it appears the driver of “Tell me now” accompanied by her husband Pato Borghetti, who is the host of “Venga la Alegría”, got to know what is going on in your family, because the presenter has been absent from the company of San Angel.

Odalys Ramirez in quarantine Photo: Instagram

Odalys Ramirez in quarantine Photo: Instagram

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The driver of TV Azteca revealed to his fans that Odalys Ramirez had to be made the test of the Covid-19, due to a few symptoms that she began to have a few days, as the slight cough which had troubled the famous, because in addition to her husband revealed that two weeks ago he traveled to Madrid.

Odalys Ramirez in quarantine

Odalys Ramirez, the driver of Televisa, she went to the doctor to rule out the disease of the coronavirus, but by the time you have to wait 72 hours to know the result, but the doctor said to the famous that you have to do the quarantine and be in isolation.

Odalys Ramirez commented that he began to feel that he was missing the air when doing exercises, even when I was lying on the bed, so he did not hesitate to go to the doctor, who recommended him to be tested for Covid-19, as had some of the symptoms of the disease from the coronavirus.

Photo: Instagram.