It insulting to tourists from the balcony! Kiko Hernández hallucinates. O star of Telecinco the lia!


Kiko Hernández

March 18, 2020
(15:54 CET)

It is very difficult to control the whole population and much more when it is allowed to leave the house to buy necessities, go to work, cater to our seniors or people with a disability or walking the dog. How do you know what don’t let that fool you? The vast majority of the population is complying with the confinement, although many make it possible to exit or two minutes. However, another minority were jump standards face sanctions.

Some of these irresponsible tend to be tourists who have come to Spain and do not know that the country goes through a major health crisis. Some people from their balconies trying to informárles, other will be of the hands. Angel Garó, who lives in a palatial house in Malaga, he saw from the balcony of his house, which overlooks one of the busiest streets of the city, some tourists foreign ride with total peace of mind as if this were not with them.

Garó rebuked the tourists for not complying with the confinement. “The other two… but what do you do? Where are you going?”, it says in one of the videos that have been shared in their social networks. The young people are not asking the case, perhaps because you do not understand, for this reason made use of their English as particular. The women replied that they were lost, in English, of course. And he said to them: “oh My God!”. “Home, conjón”, ended up dropping it by his mouth in the comic.

Obviously, these videos glad on the day to all his followers and to many more because it viralizaron at high speed. And gave account of the English middle level of the Spanish population. Ours are not the languages, but the humor is not missing in any situation. Kiko Hernández was unable to contain the laughter.