Jackal and Lenier released the remix of “The lie” next to the puerto rican Divine


The union between artists of the genre, urban has become one of the success formulas most common in the world of reggaeton, both national and international.

One of the last singers of reggaeton on the Island that have been added to use the popular trend of merging their individual styles and voices, have been the cubans, Ramon Lavado, better known by all of us within the artistic field as Jackal, and singer-songwriter Lenier Table.

The two popular artists have released through the YouTube channel of Jackal remix of the song The lie. However, on this occasion “The devil of fame” and Lenier not presented themselves to their fans, but were with another talented city and worked next to a reguetonero puertorriqueño, which is called Divine.

The own Jackal it was the side of make known the news of the release through their social networks. Instagram became the platform of choice for the singer to announce that already The lie it was available on the digital platforms for the enjoyment of all his followers.

“Surprise! Finally can already hear The Lie remix next to Lenier Table and Divine,” said the Jackal together with the publication of the image that displays the cover of the single which is composed by the faces of the three performers.

The song has been performed by means of a video that collects the live presentation for the first time of the three interpreters, a performance in the Jackal, Lenier and Divine defended to perfection before the public the grounds of their new collaborative project.

Although it is now the boricua Divine joins the cuban artists, this is not the first time that Jackal and Lenier are part of a similar project. Without going any further, the two singers urban participated in a couple of weeks ago in the creation of the song I will not return in collaboration with other leading exponents of reggaeton on the Island as Kim and Dany, Miss Dayana and Micha.

Lenier and Jackal also has under her sleeve the premiere of another topic that will be released under the title Look forward to you and very shortly you will see the light through a music video that has been recorded in Cuba.

They also worked together on a song called I am a womanizer in 2019 that was announced through several videos broadcasted live by the artists themselves.