James Gunn and his 10 movies to survive the quarantine


In spain, Italy and, increasingly, parts of the world, we are locked in the house almost a cal y canto to prevent the coronavirus continue to spread, or at least lower the curve and crowding in emergency rooms and hospitals. If we behave well we will defeat the virus, but we have to be careful not to leave the quarantine, and that after so much isolation and boredom we have to go back to lock up, this time roll ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’. There are people who are using it to learn to play a new instrument, cook, knit, dance, or call ceaselessly to all the contacts of your agenda while other people prefer to repanchingarse on the couch and catch up with his series outstanding or all those movies that were wanting to see, but never had time. But as the quarantine is going to be long and the imagination short, and that you may not spend a couple of hours before the menu of Netflix, HBO, or Netflix, James Gunn, director of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and the upcoming ‘The Suicide Squad’, you have selected a list of 10 titles to kill the boredom and culturizarnos a bit:

“10 great films that you probably haven’t seen for you to put into streaming this quarantine. It is important for the health of the world that you practice as much as possible the social distance. In compensation for what you’re doing and hoping that in fact you do, I have made this list. #QuarantineAndChill”


The list includes everything from classics to the terror most current and through several countries, including a film of Bong Joon-ho, so popular now in the united States thanks to ‘Parasites’. “Long before ‘Parasites’ and after ‘The host’, Bong Joon-ho made this film about the eternal love of a mother, some would say almost psychotic, by his son. My favorite of his films”says Gunn of ‘Mother’, placing it fifth on their list.

The taste movie buff the director of ‘Super’ is very varied and includes drama, black comedy and even cinema of the west, gender stands out, ‘come and bend over, damn!’ of Sergio Leone, “best forgotten” of his westerns. But if you want a bit of action, kicks and punches-roll ‘Matrix’ or ‘Mad Max’, also from South Korea recommend ‘The Villain’ on a young man who has been trained to become a killer without mercy.

What I where can I see them?

Then we leave the full list and platforms in the one that you have available in Spain. Not all, but yes a few to go to livening up the days of isolation:

1. ‘Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice’ (1969) – Paul Mazursky, available for rent on iTunes.

2. ‘The villain’ (2017) ? Jung Byung-gil, available on Netflix.

3. ‘A wonderful poison’ (1968) – Noel Black.

4. ‘The gangs of the Bronx’ (1979) – Philip Kaufman.

5. ‘Mother’ (2009) – Bong Joon-ho.

6. ‘One Cut Of the Dead’ (2017) – Shinichirou Ueda, available in Movistar+.

7. ‘Teniente corrupto’ (2009) – Werner Herzog, available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

8. ‘The Yellow Sea’ (2010) – Na Hong-jin, available on Netflix.

9. ‘Hail, hero victorious’ (1944) – Preston Sturges.

10. ‘Let’s squat down, damn!’ (1971) – Sergio Leone, available on Netflix.