Jennifer Lawrence and her man block out an intruder in the mansion of Beverly Hills


19. March 2020 – 15:26

A woman used the gate open and came into the possession of the actress and Oscar: that Was just to meet you

of Francesco Tortora

At the beginning of have feared that it is armed with a burglar, perhaps, ready to Rob you and injure you. But soon, Jennifer Lawrence, and her husband, gallerist, art-Cooke Maroney is, you were aware that the person on Sunday evening (15. March,) was introduced, which was secretly in their villa in Beverly Hills, a fan of the actress, with no intention of violence. The couple would have immobilized the intruder before the security guards. The latter have the police around 21: 00 and expected that the agents took away the woman.

19. March 2020 | 15:26