Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner undergo quarantine building Hogwarts with Legos


Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner shared with their fans as they have endured the quarantine in devoting himself to build a replica of the castle of Hogwarts with a set of Legos Harry Potter.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner undergo quarantine building Hogwarts with Legos

The TikTok Joe Jonas

Due to the pandemic coronavirusmillions of people in the world are in quarantine and socially isolated to avoid contamination, therefore, Joe Jonas shared TikTok as he and Sophie Turner have done it all.

Fans of the couple were delighted with their video TikTok, where it was presumed the result of your hard work on rebuilding Hogwarts, and mentioned the need for more “positive content” in networks before the crisis.

While Joe Jonas has been entertaining thanks to TikTok, Sophie Turner has gone to their stories of Instagram to answer questions for Instagram of friends and admirers as a way to fight the boredom the whole day at home.

Joe Jonas helps prevent the coronavirus

In addition to stay at home and avoid interacting with other people, Joe Jonas and his brothers Nick and Kevin have postponed their concerts in las Vegas to help prevent new cases of coronavirus.

“We love you and we pray for the safety and well-being of all. We’ll see you soon,” she wrote on Instagram Joe Jonas.

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The Jonas Brothers had scheduled a series of concerts in Las Vegas, which would have begun on the 1st of April until the 18th of the same month, but that was cancelled due to concerns from fans and production team before the risk of contagion.