Marc Clotet and Natalia Sánchez have collected more than 250,000 euros to find a cure for coronavirus


Marc Clotet and Natalia Sánchez have created an initiative to raise money for finding a cure to the coronavirus: “When he started all this, Natalia and I think that we should do something and we came to launch the campaign #YoMeCorono with the purpose of obtaining funds for the research against the coronavirus that are taking place in the Fight against Aids Foundation”explains Clotet to Vanity Fair.

Marc Clotet, Natalia Sánchez

This foundation together with the Institute for Aids Research IrsiCaixa and the University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol have begun a clinical trial that seeks to find a cure for the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). This trial is co-led by the father Clotet, Dr. Bonaventura Clotet. Research requires funding, and the campaign had raised more of 255.00 eurosand the amount not to climb thanks to the collaboration of all.

The companions of profession of Clotet and Sanchez have been supported to disseminate this initiative under the hashtag #YoMeCorono. Among them are Álvaro Morte, Cristina Castaño, Alejo Sauras, Carmen Ruiz, Carlos Latre, Silvia April, Aina Clotet and many more. Also has joined the world of sport: Carles Pujol, Rudy Fernandez, Pep Guardiola…

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It is time to show what we are capable as a society…??? We are fortunate that, in our Country, we have one of the best teams of medical research-scientific worldwide and Our scientists have launched a trial first in the world to finish with the COVID-19, the first approved by the Spanish Agency of the Medicine, but, as always, a lack of resources…so now We need more than ever to put an end to this pandemic as soon as possible! We can help you entering, collaborating with us and sharing in our networks a photo with the hashtag #YoMeCorono and encouraging more people better via IG, Twitter, WhatsApp or wherever needed(always from home, yes!??? !) Any help is immense in these moments and I know that #JuntosPodemosConTodo ! I send a kiss giant and I thank you from the heart for any contribution you can make!!? I leave the link of the page also in my Bio and Stories! And then I put a little more info about the team that takes him, you have asked me a lot! ?The team is mostly composed by doctors and researchers in the Hospital (public) Universitario “Germans Trias i Pujol” of Badalona, the Foundation of Fight Against Aids Foundation and Irsicaixa, directed by Dr Bonaventura Clotet, along with his team formed by doctors: Oriol Mitjà, Roger Walls, Julià Blanco, Jorge Carrillo and Nuria Left, and in collaboration with the BSC (Barcelona Supercomputing Center) and the CRESA! #YoMeCorono #Coronavirus #COVID19 #StopCoronavirus

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A single euro is worth a lot. We are very aware of the economic difficulties that are facing people in these times but it is much worse that we cannot avoid to find ourselves again in a situation such as this full stop because it is a hazard to the health of all”says Clotet.

The actor explains the importance of this research to make centers that are normally studied HIV: “In China they have found a vaccine but we do not know if it will serve only for the current strain.Keep in mind that the coronavirus can mutate and 25 years ago that the professionals who fight against Aids are dealing with HIV, which mutates a lot, and can bring all its experience to this new global battle. That is why it is so important for us to help in your research”. Donations can be made from the web

By raising awareness of the younger

This social media campaign is not the first time we see Marc Clotet and his father working side by side. In 2017, Dr. Bonaventura Clotet and his son visited the contestants of the Academy of operación Triunfo. The aim of the talk was to inform them of Aids and to share a message of de-stigmatization of this disease.