Max, the son of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, it acts as a bartender at home for the coronavirus


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have begun to follow the strict instructions issued the government and health-care institutions in the united States and have been quarantined in their home to try at all costs to avoid the contagion and the spread of coronavirus.

However, despite the restlessness that I was able to bring the landfill, if there is something that the famous couple have not left aside in these difficult days it is the positivity and the desire to enjoy the day-to-day with his family.

Now that the children are spending more time than usual at home with them, Arod and Jlo are squeezing the most out of your insulation on the coronavirus and we have seen how they have begun to accommodate to this situation that seems to last a couple more weeks than expected.

In the case of Max, the son of The Diva of the Bronx and the salsa new yorker Marc Anthony, is one of the members of the family that can’t sit still and has made use of the technology to become a bartender professional at the service of the promised his mother.

The child has gone out into the garden mounted on a powered scooter with a tray in hand on high that he was carrying a can of water with gas, and with great skill he served the snack to Alex Rodriguez while the singer, dancer and actress recorded the fun time with your mobile phone.

Jennifer Lopez shared the video with all the followers you have in your profile in Instagram and joked with the following message:

“We can’t go to any restaurant or anything, but the service and entertainment here are quite good,” he wrote.

The audiovisual material has more than 9 million views and thousands of comments that applaud the nice family moment as well as the development of Max both with the tray as with the scooter.

“He is the most fun”, “are You home all the professional restoration”, “What’s funny is, I love Max,” “Is identical to his dad, charismatic and fun”, “grow very fast”, “How well are passing the quarantine,” “Hey Max does have talent, how well she carries the tray”, “Haha, I love them more videos as well please, we rejoice in our quarantine,” or “the family, The more beautiful and ideal”, are some of the reactions that have taken fans of Jennifer Lopez.