‘Minions: The origin of Gru’: The coronavirus requires Universal to cancel the premiere of summer


It remains to be seen how far the reach of the consequences of the pandemic of the coronavirus, but this news suggests that the calendar of movies of 2020 is going to see hit much more strongly than it looked in the beginning.

Since the delay of the premiere of ‘No time to die’ a few weeks ago have been falling films that were to come to the cinemas during march, April and may. It is the case of ‘Fast & Furious 9’, ‘Mulan’ and ‘Black Widow’ by name some of the most anticipated. That was going to pull the planning of the annual board, because while the new installment of the saga ‘Fast & Furious’ has been placed just a year after the others would have to find a new date in the coming months, the already-loaded releases. Or maybe it’s not.

'Minions: The origin of Gru'

Universal had planned on releasing ‘Minions: The origin of Gru’ at the end of June internationally, but the distributor has canceled the premiere because the coronavirus has been forced to stop the process of post-production. The work was being done in the studies of Illumination in Paris, but the measures imposed by the French government to stop the spread prevent the workers finish the film.

The statement of the founder and president of Illumination’s Christopher Meledandri says: “In response to the difficult situation in France, we will temporarily close our studio Mac Guff for Illumination located in Paris. With this decision we are obeying the rules of the French government, and doing everything possible to lessen the extent of the virus to the time that we take care of our artists and their families. As a result we will not be able to finish ‘Minions: The origin of Gru’ in time for the new releases planned throughout the world at the end of June and beginning of July. While we all make to the idea of the enormity of this crisis, we must put the safety and protection of our employees above all else. We are hoping to find a new release date for the return of Gru and the Minions”.

Good-bye to 2020

We are facing an unprecedented crisis that is forcing you to stop most of the industries. What at first looked like it was going to have consequences in the short-term is picking up a kind of domino effect. There are entrepreneurs asking to be released movies from this period directly in streaming, but what will happen to those that are in the process of production now?

If the productions are paralysed, not to be released the autumn series on time. And what about the movies? Post-production processes currently come to be jobs against time for the movies to arrive on time to their release date (in the case of ‘Cats’ it was very illustrative). What is happening to the new delivery of the Minions will be passed to other productions.

Maybe to the movies late spring should be released in the summer, summer in fall, and so on. But marketing teams have very studied details as the release date. Would it work just as well for a blockbuster summer in the cold billboard fall? The more immediate response is negative. The film industry will face in the next few months to a test of fire, and perhaps many businesses do not survive this crisis.