Neighbors of Barcelona played ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from ‘Titanic’ on the balconies and make it viral

After several days confined in the home because of the coronavirus, people have leaned out the window of his talent. A clear example of this is the name of the pianist Alberto Gestoso, who took his piano to the terrace in the Spanish city of Barcelona and played ‘My Heart Will Go On’, main theme of the movie ‘Titanic’. His colleague Ramon Santana recorded this show, but this is not all, because it was a special collaboration.

As we see in the second video, the saxophonist Alexanter Lebron Torrent began to accompany the song of the pianist with the wind instrument, making the collaboration became more special, and we’ve had a video from the perspective of the other balcony. Without a doubt an entire show of musical talent.


Overflowing with talent

And is that if something we have seen during the period that we have been of quarantine is the originality and the talent of the people, not only in Spain, if not also in other countries such as Italy. In addition to music versions of all kinds as we have seen in the video, we had choreographed dance orchestrated by the police or applause every day for all health care personnel. No doubt the people, in spite of everything, is full of creativity and never ceases to amaze us.

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