Nor will there be a reunion of Friends because of the Coronavirus


After a few months all was joy because HBO confirmed the reunion Friends, now we regret once again, because of the coronavirus this reunion has been postponed, although the fans were expecting not to have to deal with this news, finally HBO has confirmed that was delayed this long awaited reunion.

According to some media in Hollywood, it has been confirmed that the recording of the chapter the reunion of the series Friends which was announced in February, has been postponed, due to the recording Jennifer Aniston , Matt Leblanc , Matthew Perry , Lisa Kudrow , Courteney Cox and David Schwimmer be held on the next Monday and Tuesday 23 and 24 of march, however, because of the pandemic plans have changed.

Also, the show will be up until may when recording this episode of Friends, although is not yet confirmed, but apparently we’ll have to wait several more months to see if you want to be the first images of this highly anticipated reunion.

Friends returns to the screen

The past 2019, we marked 25 years of the premiere of Friends, and therefore he was going to celebrate with an episode reunion, which is expected to burn into the Stage 24 of the studies Warner, where they recorded the episodes original.

This chapter of the reunion will be premiered on HBO Max, the Streaming platform, but, for now, will have to keep waiting, but if we already managed to wait more than a decade, we can endure a few more months.

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Until now, the actors from Friends have not made comment about it, however, several of them have stayed at home with the contingency of health for the coronavirus Covid-19, in fact, we have been able to see some of the stories of Jennifer Aniston staying at home, playing with her puppy.