Oli London purchase 5 thousand magazines of BTS to spend their quarantine by COVID-19


Oli London surprised on social networks after to buy more of 5 thousand copies of magazines BTS, being the youtuber to cope with the quarantine for contagion of Coronavirus (COVID-19)that still on march 18, 2020 is still considered a pandemic and the famous showed makes it possible to see Jimin.

The ARMY of the BTS knows the youtuber originally from England, as it is considered to be a super fan of the Bangtan Boys, and even underwent several plastic surgeries to look like Jimin, since there has been featured on various television programs and, with his new singing career to launch their debut song, “Perfection”.

Oli London even married with a figure of cardboard with the appearance of Jimin, this being their idol’s favorite K-Pop, a ceremony that was held in Las Vegas and caused a stir on social networks to submit to the a short time to a new plastic surgery; the youtuber didn’t hesitate to express your love to BTS by buying the magazines of the group.

Oli London and his love for Jimin

A few weeks ago, Oli London confessed in their social networks that has a complete list of their idols favorite, Jimin continues to occupy the first place, but highlighted several members of popular boybands as ATEEZ one of their favourites, something that was not well accepted by various groups of fans.

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The conduct of the youtuber british again is questioned for his actions with BTS, but in their social networks clarified that this is a gesture to thank the boyband for all that means to him, being the alternative that is decided to apply Oli London to appease the boredom during the mandatory quarantine (in many european countries) by COVID-19.