Paulina Goto: So lucy the artist some years ago (PHOTOS)


One of the beautiful famous in the middle of the show business is, without a doubt Paulina Goto; the mexican artist has achieved popularity for the projects that it has performed on television, as well as in the cinema.

When I was 19 years of age, Paulina Goto managed to grab the eyes of the producers from Televisa, those who bet for the great talent of the actress to star in various projects on the small screen.

The famous mexican actress and singer Paulina Goto, began his artistic career by making her first role in the soap opera “Girl of my heart” alongside the actor Erick Elias; the melodrama was released in the year of 2010 in the Channel of the Stars of Televisa.

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Subsequently Paulina Goto returned to star in the soap opera “Mis XV”, an adaptation of the melodrama of “Quinceañera”, the story was presented in 2012 by the Channel 5; the famous actress captured the eyes of viewers with his character.

In that soap opera youthful singer Paulina Goto showed his passion for the music, for along with the other actors of the melodrama released the song “Only you”, where Macarena Achaga y Natasha Dupeyrón also showed his facet as a singer.

The beauty of Paulina Goto

Paulina Goto over the years has had a physical change that’s surprising, because with the passage of time has managed to become a woman very beautiful, because in addition to having a successful career as an actress, has also proven his talent in music.

Currently the famous to be happy for the release of the new romantic movie “Twenty-year-old, divorced, and fantastic”, where the mexican actress Paulina Goto is the protagonist together with the actor Vadhir Derbez. The story features a large cast of famous actors.

Photo: Yahoo!.