Sell your home to pay debts. Friend of David Bisbal (OT), touched and sunk


March 18, 2020
(19:30 CET)

Alejandro Sanz is not going through a good moment and less on what is economic where it has received two sticks a very, very difficult in a matter of a few months that have led to having to sell your own home.

The first blow that he received the friend of David Bisbal was losing a trial against which he had been their representative, Rosa Lagarrigue, who must receive in the next few months more than five million euros by the Spanish singer.

David Bisbal and Alejandro Sanz perform a track together

However, there was not just bad news for Alejandro Sanz has claimed a still higher figure by a financial institution in Miami. 6.3 million euros is what you pay them.

A ruin estate

The author is Not the Same, he had to sell several properties and even put up for sale his mansion in Miami, the crown jewel of his estate, which has ended badly selling in a matter of three months.

The business could not be worse for Alejandro Sanz, who has seen had to lower the price of your property of 16 million euros to 13.5 and then to 11.54 million euros, the final price for which have sold the mansion.

Alejandro Sanz

A disaster that has left him very touched

The situation of Alejandro Sanz is Spanish in a moment of moral very low as it has been made known to his closest friends, who have tried to help you in what I have been able to these months, even though the main help they needed was financial and there was little they could do.