Shaman King returns with new manga spin-off in April


Shaman King it came to pleasing the fans of the series japanese, because in social networks the magazine Shonen Magazine Edge confirmed that in its next edition, from 17 April 2020, the author Jet Kusamura will launch a new manga spin-off the classic story of Hiroyuki Takei and with this, he revived the fandom.

The pandemic spread of Coronavirus has the world paralyzed in their homes, being a measure of prevention d their infection and to have news related to the series, manga or anime are news positive for the fans and more enthusiasm with a new piece spin-off that represents an entire generation.

Get ready, because information on the site Aweita confirmed that the new story is a spin-off of Shaman King will arrive with your first chapter with color pages, weekly Shonen Magazine Edge left to see a little of the art that we have prepared for the month of April and without a doubt, it was stressed that the history is connected with the quest to locate Marco.

New manga spin-off of Shaman King

This sleeve is connected with the tournament, “Flower of Maize”, leaving to see up close what might have happened to Marco, who is the leader and one of the two founders of the X-Laws, so that Hiroyuki Takei has planned to revive the fandom of Shaman King with more adventures of the iconic characters.

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“The original story of Shaman King begins when the protagonist called Io Asakura, meets up with a guy who decided to take a pit house for the local cemetery, this is called the Blanket, and his life takes an unexpected turn when he joins the adventures of Asakura and his friends ghosts in a tournament for the title of King of Shamans”.