So it was Cinthya, Languages of Cat when it started on YouTube


Cinthya, Languages of Cathas gone through a whole transition over the years. In the old videos of your channel Youtube it can be seen that a style was very different from now, from your hair to your tattoos.

One of these videos shared on the 19th of January of the year 2016, and in this you can see him with less tattoos in addition he had a long mane of dark, while now his hair is bleached, which tends to be different colors.

So this was the Language of Cat before:

Green, orange, red, purple and even pink, are the colors that Cinthya has been used in your hair and that shows in their pictures of instagram. And not only has it changed color, but that size also, since it is not afraid of anything and has been cut several times.

Another of the changes of Cinthya was that he lost weight. The young man has always been very beautiful, however in the last few months you could see on instagram that you possess a body of infarction and this, thanks to the constant exercise which the young takes place.

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In your body may also observe that you now have many more tattoos in the arms, which make a great contrast with your personality intrepida and adventurous.

Without a doubt, each time passes, Cinthya, Languages of Cat is getting more and more beautiful, but not only outside but also inside which tends to give good advice to their followers in terms of the environment and a positive attitude.

In addition, Languages of Cat is all an example to follow for many women travelers that seen in social networking for the data it presents and for your interesting videos in which he documented every detail of their amazing adventures.