Terrible. And is of Isabel Pantoja. Medical emergency. “It’s the worst thing that could happen”


March 19, 2020
(16:40 CET)

Isabel Pantoja could make the past march 6 at the Wizink Center of Madrid their first concert after several years without getting to the stage. Great personalities, such as Belén Esteban, Kiko Rivera, Omar Montes, among others, flocked to the concert, where there were thousands of people. The renowned vocalist became almost completely full. However, it came a lot of criticism for having made a spectacle “low cost”.

Shortly after the coronavirus broke out with force in Spain. The immediate past Pedro Sanchez declared the state of alarm. Citizens should be confined at home for the next 15 days and maybe many more to stop the spread of the virus and to prevent to occupy beds in the hospital.

doña ana and isabel pantojaCoronavirus primarily affects older people and those with a chronic illness. Doña Ana, the mother of Isabel Pantoja, meets all of the requirements. A few weeks ago Mrs. H left the hospital after a relapse. Just a few months he suffered a stroke and it was discussed between life and death. The state of health of the matriarch is very weak and Isabel Pantoja is very worried.

The singer has finished the recordings of Idol Kids, and currently all of its projects are stopped by the coronavirus. For this reason moved to Seville before the confinement to be by the side of his mother and his brother. Not separated from it even for a moment, not out to the street, waiting to finish everything and that Doña Ana get out of this blow.