The autocines benefit from the crisis of the coronavirus thanks to the closure of the meeting


Even in the toughest moments that are reminiscent of the recent partnership, there are people able to find something light and leave benefit. So, in the closing mass of movie theaters because of the pandemic of the COVID-19, there is an agent involved (in addition to the streaming platforms) that is living its best moments: the autocines.

Autocines crisis of the coronavirus

As account The Los Angeles Timesthe influx of people to this type of cinema tends to be quite marginal and occasional. However, faced with the impossibility of resorting to the complex, common, in the united States are more and more people are opting for this alternative way of seeing cinema, which for now remains open in the places that has not yet come to the outbreak of intense way. This escape route to get out of the house and enjoy the latest releases has led to a noticeable increase in the sale of tickets.

To criticism from some sectors by the lack of responsibility of the businesses that refuse to close (in the united States are not yet required by the government), their owners will defend them. “I don’t think fit into the category of meeting, for all the meeting places are places where you are stuck with a bunch of people”, says Doug Mercille, owner of a drive-in that remains open. “In the drive-you have to be in your own car”. Even so, a good part of them ensures that if the authorities specifically ask your closing, I will respect.

Unprecedented Crisis

But while some benefit from the coronavirus and social distancing measures, there are others that are not going at all well. The traditional rooms have been very affected by the virus and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, have been forced to seek together an emergency economic assistance to the Congress of the united States. Loans, tax benefits, and any other type of measure to ensure the future viability of their businesses.

In a press release of NATO is summed up the petition in the following: “As we face the development of this unprecedented period, we call upon Congress and the Administration that to ensure that the industry of the cinema of the united States and its tens of thousands of employees across the country can continue resisting. Because, despite the aid they can receive, the losses are already assumed in the millions.