The fireworks end at Eva Gonzalez arrives in the quarantine. I get this of Cayetano Rivera!


March 18, 2020
(16:22 CET)

As all spaniards, Eva González and Cayetano Rivera met with the confinement. Are taking this insulation, in the best possible way. Due to the cancellation of the professional commitments of both the presenter and the bullfighter took the decision to move to Seville, the people of this, Mairena of the Alcor, that the child is in a more peaceful atmosphere, warm and unlinking it from the epicenter of the infection. In the capital city where are concentrated the largest number of people infected by coronaviruses.

The small who a few days ago, he served his two years, luckily was able to celebrate his birthday surrounded by family and friends, are enjoying their parents, who do everything possible to distract him and keep this quarantine in the best possible way. Their parents have been posting these days photographs of the child, exactly the same. And with the same descriptions, one of them thanked the health staff for their work.

We want to thank all the medical personnel who is allowing the skin to take care of us. The best way we can serve them is by staying at home”, wrote the seville. The matador, for his part, added: “a big thank you to all the teams for health, safety bodies, and other workers and volunteers who take care of us and help us in the day-to-day. A lot of encouragement and lots of strength! You are all in our hearts“.

Cayetano takes a funny pajama dinosaur, and holding a drawing that he himself has made where you can read the word thanks, a sun and three people, presumably medical staff.

The couple tries to complete all kinds of rumors. Although there are many who continue to make theories about a possible distancing. Some say that or even are going through this confinement together.