The infanta Cristina prepares with dad revenge more beast against Letizia (and is this)


March 19, 2020
(11:03 CET)

The cacerolada national to be heard this Wednesday in the territories of all Spain has been the latest news in turmoil this week that has come to light about the Royal House.

It all started with the release of the King Felipe VI in the withdrawal of the assignment to his father, the king emeritus Juan Carlos Iin addition to renounce to the inheritance of this.

“The Crown must preserve its prestige and observe a conduct integrates, honest and transparent. The King you want it to be known publicly his decision to quit the inheritance which I personally might correspond, as well as to any asset, investment or financial structure, whose origin, characteristics or purpose may not be in line with the law or with the criteria of righteousness and integrity that govern your activity institutional and private, and that should inform the activity of the Crown” read one part of the statement of the King.

What Covenant Real?

Some say that everything is based on a strategy established by Felipe and Juan Carlos to clean up the image of the crown. The emeritus would have accepted to bear the whole to reinforce the figure of his son, and of the Spanish royals.

However, there are media that are pointing to other places. As Digital Journalist, there is an open war in Zarzuelaas Juan Carlos I would not have agreed anything with your child. On the contrary.

The revenge of the emeritus and the infanta Cristina

Pointing to the means that Juan Carlos feel Felipe VI what has been betrayed. And not only that. Both the emeritus as his daughters, the infantas Cristina and Elena, it would all have been a ploy of the Queen Letizia, as was the veto of the sisters of Felipe.

Infantas Elena and Cristina

So much so that according to the publication Juan Carlos and the princesses would be preparing a revenge towards Letizia, bringing to light the hidden secrets that could blow up the marriage Real.

It is said that could be “graphic material and documentary” to prove some “extramarital relations of Letizia and Felipe that would lead to the separation of the couple.