The infanta Elena found as well. Last terrible hour. “Have a very bad end”


infanta Elena

March 18, 2020
(14:40 CET)

Eye because of the mess bull to the Spanish monarchy does not make another thing that is becoming more big. While it is true that there have been few who have applauded the gesture of Felipe announced in a press release, renunciation of future inheritance of your father, the king emeritus John Carlos, corresponding to the alleged accounts in switzerland, there have been few those who have criticized the institution.

For a number of reasons. The first is because, with this announcement, indirectly Felipe was about to give effect to the movements outside of the law of his father. On the other hand, there are some who point out that this type of disclaimers of inheritance are not valid until the death of his father.

In addition, there are those who point out that, if the king has chosen to release this statement now has been because it has been seen that the information began to be available to the public. That is to say, he knew of the problem but not reported. Eye that can be a mess. Even some point in the networks that “Have a very bad end.”

The mess with the infanta Elena

And in the midst of all this mess is a princess Elena that, as always, if you be part of the problem, it seems that is going to suffer. And it seems that in the last hours, the sister of king is more than affected by what happened.

Juan Carlos Elena

Among other things because, as you well point to many, she also appears as a beneficiary of one of the foundations investigated by the office of the prosecutor Switzerland. Taking into account that do not form part of the Family Real but the family of the king, the economic impact of being without this inheritance can be fatal.

At the moment, unlike her brother, neither she nor the infanta Cristina have chosen to follow in the footsteps of Felipe. But be careful because there are a few those who claim that, with such a clean your image, it will end up doing.

To this must be added that their children, Froilán and Victoriathey are also aware that they were going to take a pinch of the estate of his grandfather. A pinch that is now under suspicion. We’ll see. Elenaas not, it is very affected. And what is to come is not that it is hopeful.