The paparazzi caught Georgina Rodríguez newly raised: oh that hair!


March 18, 2020
(18:06 CET)

The perfection can’t last 24 hours a day, or even for the famous. The paparazzi have proven this theory with a photo of Georgina Rodriguez freshly scraped off with the hair made a complete mess. The situation enters in the limits of normality, but draws the attention because never before showed as well.

Are days of confinement for Georgina, Cristiano Ronaldo and company. The family have come all the adverse moments together, because the subject of the coronavirus appears when they were facing the delicate state of health of the mother of Christian, who suffered a stroke recently.

Georgina Rodriguez

This time of isolation did not stop the paparazzi could take photos at the distance of Georgina. In the image that shocked their faithful, with hair unkempt to the extreme, completely unrecognizable in relation to the perfect model that we are accustomed to seeing in their networks, and at public events.

On the contrary the outfit of your last posting on Instagram where it looks perfect and it seems that the Gods of Olympus had something to do with your makeup. Something as well as the expectation versus the reality the two photos.

Georgina Rodriguez jumps to the WHO

The expansion of the Coronavirus is in all the world, and the WHO recommendations to reduce the effect of the pandemic, have not been taken into account by the model.

This time, the paparazzi made act of presence again to take photos of the departure of Georgina to some shops in the company of the personal security of the family.

His behavior does not correspond with a part of the message in your networks that says: “Looking at the horizon from my window. In difficult times persist, have faith and look for the positive side of things. It is a good time to reflect, appreciate and give thanks for what we have. The importance of the little things and be in family. Health is most important.” Definitely, Georgina Rodriguez confuses his followers.