The son of Jennifer Lopez and his funny quips for the quarantine


In these days of quarantine several celebrities have shown their best ideas and occurrences to pass the contingency of a better way, and on this occasion, Max, the son of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony conquered the whole Instagram with a particular idea.

It is worth mentioning that Max and his twin sister Emme, are respecting the measures of prevention and combat of Coronavirus (Covid-19) from his home, with his mother Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.

In this way, the little Max showed us some of their skills more hidden, becoming the bartender and waiter of the official family, but with a feature very unique, his skateboard.

Son of Jennifer Lopez conquest Instagram

This time that was documented and shared by her mother Jennifer Lopez on its official account of Instagram, we can see Max move with great ease from your skateboard, and serve the drink of Álex Rodríguez of the most fun.

And like any proud mother, JLo shared this family time by using your Instagram, a video that accompanied with the following message “we can’t go out to any restaurant or something like that but the service and the entertainment here is pretty good.”

Jennifer Lopez and her family are in quarantine

It should be mentioned that Jennifer Lopez like many of the celebrities you have met with each of the indications and preventive measures to combat the spread of the Covid-19, a pandemic today has had severe havoc on the world.

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And the artists are some of the people most at risk of contracting this virus, because among its activities is to travel, have contact with other people and have several tasks outside the home. So the quarantine is one of the primary measures for those who are dedicated to the world of entertainment.