The Spanish cinema could join the premiere in streaming during the crisis of the coronavirus


The film industry is at a standstill because of the COVID-19. With the theaters closed, the premiers planned for these weeks will be forced to be postponed and generate losses for all the agents involved. However, the oft-criticized way of streaming could give you the solution that you need.

Spanish cinema in streaming

According to The Newspaperthe president of the State Association of Film and production company Morena Films, Pilar Benito, has relocated to the ICAA (Institute of Cinematography and Visual Arts) an idea to get out of the apathy that has been forced the Spanish cinema: the films are shown via streaming directly without prior passage through rooms. This measure would be exceptional given the situation, and is still negotiating its viability. Because, according to the law which regulates the national cinema, the films that have received a state grant are required to estrenase first on the big screen, in addition to assigning a 15% of the budget to promotion. It is also the custom to wait 16 weeks to be able to reach out to other display windows.

Alvaro Longoria, director, Chairman of the European Club of Producers and co-founder of Morena Films, explains more in depth the proposal: In these moments we find ourselves immersed in a panorama completely different to the usual, and it makes no sense to have everything blocked. That is why we have set out a series of clear solutions with easy application divided into ten points which address the different issues that affect distribution, filming or development of projects”. In what premieres are concerned, the streaming would be the solution both through existing platforms, with exclusive right (that is to say, that buy the movies for estrenarlas as your own), such as through the method pay-per-view, would be to rent the tape for a time, or views certain.

As international

In reality, this idea has already been carried out in other parts of the world. In China, which is already starting to come out of the health crisis, it achieved its major releases came directly to homes all over the country thanks to the streaming. And in the united States, Universal has decided to employ the same method with their films, so that all residents of the country can pay for them from the day that were provided for their premieres.

If finally this is carried out in Spain, could cause a drastic change in the way of making and selling movies. Because, if the results are good, the strategy could become the new habit both of the studies as of the consumers once the pandemic. The film is changing forever.