The streak of a man wearing 2995 days in a row, going to Disneyland, interrupted by the coronavirus


Jeff Reitz is a californian who takes to visiting Disneyland the last 2995 consecutive days, without missing even a single day. Eight years, without ever stopping. Unfortunately for Jeff, his streak has ended this week by a small drawback: the closure of the park by the crisis of the coronavirus. The pandemic has reached every corner of civilization, and this man has not been at all well.


“The streak has ended. You might want to consider as you go whenever it is open, but I don’t see it as well. From the beginning, I have always regarded as a streak of consecutive days”. So has Jeff Reitz in The Daily Breeze your opinion of the end of an era. In addition, about to return to continue the streak seems to have a clear. “Many people have asked me if there is way for this to continue. This is the last day of the streak.

It seems that the closure of the park goes against the original purpose of the california but maintains that I want to go back and continue having fun, but will no longer be consecutive days. The negative side is that I could not choose the end. But on the positive side is that I didn’t have to choose it”.

Situation in the area

The park will continue closed until the end of march as a minimum. It is not the only one that has closed its doors, so too are those of Tokyo, Paris or Florida. In the State of California there are more than 400 confirmed cases and containment measures are being developed to avoid the desbordo of the health care system.