The viral video of Cardi B talking about the coronavirus becomes a musical success and raises money for those affected by the virus


Cardi B is the new Internet sensation. After that the young rapper released a video expressing his concern for the coronavirusnetworks are surrendered to her by her self-confidence and spontaneity when speaking. There were even those who decided to convert the audio-visual in a song and, of course, everything that bears the unequivocal brand of the new yorker is a success. And so has passed.

Brandon Davidson, known as DJ iMarkkeyz, became the video of the rapper in a musical theme and has become quite a hit on the digital platforms. Even in lists of reproductions of topics most-listened-to in the world.

“Government, let me tell you something, I don’t know that it is this coronavirus. I don’t understand how something Wuhan, China, now, suddenly it is tour. I’m a little scared. I panicked,” said the interpreter I like it in the video. And once gone through the mixing desk, Dj, this is the result:

The best thing about this initiative is that the benefits from the song will go to shelters and food banks in the united States. As confirmed by the responsible of this success, DJ iMarkkeyz and the same Cardi B.

“Oh, that is what we will do! Bear in mind that you do not receive the money immediately, but even within a few months there will be families with financial problems by being laid off because of the virus. “What we will donate!”, said the rapper after the DJ confirmed that the intention was to donate the money raised with the issue.

So shared Cardi B the news that the song was in the charts of iTunes Usa:

In addition to the impact it is having on the platforms of listening, the remix has taken a new dimension after it has become a challenge and already counted in tens the users that have been launched to put dance steps to the song.

Without a doubt, it seems that this quarantine is going to cause that many artists believe music from the tranquility of their homes, as is already happening.

What do you think of this initiative of Cardi B?