The woman that brings out the colors of the reina Sofía counting the fat Juan Carlos I


March 18, 2020
(14:06 CET)

The decision of the King Felipe VI stripping to his father, emeritus Juan Carloshas generated hundreds of comments in the higher spheres and in the media. And one who has talked about is the journalist Rosa Villacastinin a statement picked up by Vanitatis.

The chronicler reveals that Juan Carlos “it has been played all over by women”, but among the names referred to would not be Sofia. And is that the chronicler comes to confirm what many Spanish, have been thinking for some time-that his marriage with John Carlos it is a humiliation.

Rosa Villacastin

Darts Juan Carlos

“(Juan Carlos) has done very good things and I am very conscious of them because I have lived. I had always defended because I know what he has touched to live, grow away from their parents, put into the hands of Franco… was Not easy and now it is incomprehensible that it has been played around by women. You always said that was the best ambassador that I had Spain and to some extent this was very true. We suspected some things, but not of this scope”.

In addition, questions that Sofia has not made a determination a long time ago: “No one understands how to has not been divorced. It’s all been a nonsense. Should I do it out of respect itself, because it is a woman humiliated. Each time the king Juan Carlos called it, she would. The last one, which, as has been said Corinna, has given 65 million and more to other lovers”.

Juan Carlos I | EFE

Sofia, on the point of look at

And continues: “You should go without any representation to live somewhere away from her husband. Out of respect for herself. The reina Sofia is the mirror in which many women look up to you and is not a good example in this sense. There is no justification in the love or responsibility. His son is already king, which is one of their dreams made reality, has been achieved. Without a doubt, could very well retire from public life. There is No justification for you to follow at your side, in a moment that we are saying to the women who denounce, who do not hold…”.

And eye, because it also explains that it has meaning Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein for Juan Carlos: “It is the great love of the king Juan Carlos. Without hesitation. When you’re older and you find a woman like her, young, prepared, pretty, moves well in the high spheres… was someone who Was very attractive to him.”