They will continue the ANIME of Bleach, with the last arc of the manga by Tite Kubo


Bleach of Tite Kubo, is a sleeve that failed to show the arc of “The War of a Thousand Years” on the television, but after eight years, a site said to confirm the surprise of the creator and comes on the back of the anime to show the hoped-for end that many fans had been asking for.

According to information from IGN Latin america, a Twitter account called A. I. R. “Research and Intelligence Anime”shared several scanned images of an alleged trade magazine, reporting that in effect, confirms the return of the adaptation to anime of the last arc of Bleach; so that by the end you will see the “Thousand-Year Blood War”.

This arc of Bleach would bring back a generation of fans who grew up with the anime, because the manga celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2021 and no release date is assigned, will have to wait for more news about the charge of carrying it to the small screen together with the direct confirmation of Tite Kubo.

The surprise of Tite Kubo about Bleach

Missing less than 2 days for the official announcement of Tite Kubo on his popular manga, is to be patient on all of the projects planned for the work, as it is also made mention in the pages of the magazine on an animated adaptation of the “one-shot”, Burn The Witch, and having Studio Colorful with a possible release date for 2021.

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Blach is part of the good news in contrast with the pandemic Coronavirus, as the situation has improved in the asian continent and it is expected that in the coming months also in the other countries, since we are in the presence of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 even without cancel.