This is the worst meat for your health (and eye of the animal) that you can buy in the supermarket


March 19, 2020
(14:23 CET)

Much had been spoken about the damaging that was to our health meat pork, however, is not so well and there is a meat that is far worse and that we buy very often.

What is certain is that the lamb meat is much less advisable than it is pork for various reasons we are going to count in this article.

As a disclaimer we want to tell you that with this article we are not encouraging you to stop eating meat, the consumption without excess, these foods give us many things to our body.

A meat worse than that of pork

The lamb meat it has few amounts of fat is quite higher than that of the pork, something that may be harmful to our body.

Between the fat avoidable that has this type of meat are saturated fats the only thing they do is that we increase our levels of cholesterol and a high intake can raise our chances of being in trouble.

In contrast, pork has more polyunsaturated fats, which do the opposite, as they are responsible for keeping our cholesterol levels in appropriate terms.

What meat is more recommended?

If you really want to eat meat without having to be thinking about how much or how little I benefits, it is best to choose (always without excess), meat of lean cuts.

Between these meats are the loin, the fillet, leg, or sirloin, all of them are even better than the chicken.