What Angelina Jolie has? Here is how it lives on today in Lara Croft.


What Angelina Jolie has?

Cinema and movies have been, for many years one of the extreme passions of the Italians.

If you consider that the projection of the first film took place in a rudimentary cinema hall, around the year 1891, and then is also noteworthy is the steps are.

Steps forward and not one step back: today, the cinemas are installed, in true “shopping centres in the movie” the courts are by the thousands to see on a daily basis by millions of viewers around the world and have fun, see a movie.

The cinema hall was to be a springboard for star emerging markets; but also a pleasant opportunity for relaxation for the stressed out people.

Angelina Jolie: so, where is our Lara Croft.

The main role in many films, such as, for example, “Lara Croft – Tomb Raider”, “Maleficent”, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, but also “Original Sin”, “Salt” and “The tourist” seems to live withdrawn.

The Jolie seems to stop the problems in connection with the consequences of his divorce with one of the most famous faces of international cinema: Brad Pitt.

Not much to talk about themselves, at least in the last period. The news that it involved relate, exactly, the divorce with your dear and beloved Brad.

To increase the price with his 6 children and a divorce, to the shoulders, then the Jolie seems to be, apart from the scenes, at least for a while. The last news concern you, see, visit, a man, a real estate agent.

The next movies you see in the main role.

Four of the movies, the next issue would be, would the Jolie as the main actress.

Cleopatra“it will probably be the last film of Angelina: the star has announced, in fact, that after this film there is everything from the scene.

The next “Shoot Like a Girl“ by contrast, is still in negotiation.

With “The One and Only Ivan“ based on the award-winning book by Katherine Applegate, the Jolie itself cimenterà in a novel suitable for children.

Last but not less important is “Maleficent 2“: Disney has, in fact, the proceeds from the cinema considered the start of “Maleficent,” where Jolie in the role of the witch in “La Bella Addormentata nel Bosco”.