Yanet Garcia: What Do you eat the “Girl of the weather”?


The beautiful Yanet Garcia known in the social networks for having been the “Girl of the weather” the program “hoy” Televisa has been very disciplined in taking care of their figure, so that in some cases it has shared the foods you eat to show off a body to be envied.

At 29 years of age, Yasmin Garcia it has become one of the most influential women in social networks, because few days ago the famous “Girl of the weather”, celebrated their 13 million followers on Instagram and this was very bold.

On Instagram the famous girl fitness has become very active despite being absent on tv, because it is now focused on motivating their followers with their exercise routines, as well as to share what you eat in order to have a bubble firm.

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And is that the famous mexican model Yanet Garcia, he decided to reveal the secret to your buttocks look more massive, because apparently the former host of the program “Today” likes to eat sweet potatoes, since on one occasion revealed the benefits that you have to eat it every day.

This is what you eat Yanet Garcia

Even through their stories of Instagram, the “Girl of the weather,” shares some smoothies to start your day before you perform your training activities, but what can not be missing in your meal is the sweet potatoes to stay in shape and show off a hot body spectacular.

“Throughout the day as the same, so you’re varying, but…

…is always some protein such as chicken or beef, vegetables and sweet potato or rice”. Commented Yanet García during an interview, to reveal what you eat to maintain a figure of a dream because you look like a cuvas enviable in his personal account of Instagram.

Yanet Garcia has managed to become a celebrity in Instagram, because of its short age has been the inspiration of many girls who want to have the curves of the famous, it is one of the girls fitness sexiest of social networks.

Photo: Instagram.