“You’re repulsive!”. Alba Carrillo caught it doing this! with the coronavirus


alba carrillo is already noon

March 19, 2020
(16:20 CET)

The coronavirus begins to make a dent in the citizens, who, the more responsible, because they have nearly a week of confinement. The children stopped going to class last Friday. Spain is about to reach the highest point of the infection. In total are now 18,000 people infected and accounted for.

Many people such as doctors, psychologists, among other professionals are giving their services free of charge online to be able to help to those who need it. Others, however, are trying to take advantage of this situation, as those who sell masks at exorbitant prices. Also some famous profit and that is why you have received numerous criticisms.

Alba Carrillo tried to make surreptitious advertising in their social networks. The contestant from GH VIP 7 you know that the population wants to keep up with the defenses high to reduce the risk of infection, for this reason, the model has taken the opportunity to announce some pills to keep the defenses at peak performance.

The former Feliciano Lopez posed in a photo with his daughter on the side of these pasillas of Royal Jelly, as he takes Gema Lopez and that will also rained down criticism. Next to the picture, Carrillo wrote: “Moments in family to do “homework” and teach my son to take care of to top of their defenses!!! Royal jelly, Arko, my pharmacist has told me that they are the best.”

The criticism was not long in arriving. “Now is not the time to make money when you are dying people,””I don’t think that it is time to do advertising” or “doing business in these times”, have been some of the views repeatedly.