Africa Zavala finally reveals the sex of her baby


Africa Zavala shared via your account Instagram a publication where it appears with his tummy of pregnant woman with a message, in the message reads that the baby will be male, so Africa Zavala it will be the mother of a small child.

Africa Zavala was very happy to announce that your baby will be male, so she shared a message thanking her husband, and to the people magazine in Spanish, who gave coverage to the revelation of the sex of the child of the actress.

“This is a child �� ������ @leonperazapro I love you ❤️ Thank you @peopleenespanol for sharing our cute news” published Africa Zavala.

The famous received hundreds of likes from their followers, and some comments from members of the entertainment world, who did not hesitate to congratulate you, and wish you the best in your new stage that is live.

“¡¡¡¡That father afri!!!! Many congratulations”, “God bless you”, ¡¡“Many congratulations Afri!! May God bless you always”, were some of the comments received Africa Zavala.

Look at the picture of Africa Zavala

Throughout your pregnancy, Africa Zavala us has fallen in love with some pictures showing your process, however, at no time has left to teach us photographs in which it appears super sensual, as Africa Zavala is one of the actresses who boast of their sensuality through Instagram, showing off outfits very hot.

In fact, recently shared a photograph in which it appears with a set red color, with a cowboy hat, in the style of banda music that characterizes him, said outfit comprising a shorty, which covered just the area of intimacy necessary to not to show more, and that Instagram is not censorship.

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Africa Zavala has more than 1 million and a half followers, who are always on the lookout for your pictures, more so now that we presumed to be pregnancy.