Aitana (OT) exceeds the record of Ana Guerra in a bikini ¡teaching all of this!


March 19, 2020
(20:50 CET)

Aitana Ocaña is the singer most followed last 12 months, a sample that has well used his time in the academy of operación Triunfo to make a name for himself in the industry.

His fame has grown with the passage of months and has caused what was a success at the national level has become a worldwide success and is Aitana already know it in all parts.

Therefore, he wanted to take advantage of these days to also make the knowledge of truth to their fans and has posted a picture of a child that has had a great success.

Most commented that no

The publication has had a record of interactions, something that has surpassed even his companions of the academy, since up to the time an image of Ana War in bikini had been the most commented among triunfitos since they left OT.

However, your image with just a few years and a toy guitar has broken the heart of many of his fans.

New social network

Now Aitana wants to take advantage of the confinement to make war in TikTok, a social network that I had not yet account and it seems that now you are going to take the opportunity to upload home versions of great songs.

In a few days your account @aitana.official already has more than 3000 followers on this new vice of the milenials.