Cardi B and the Offset: is divorce

Love finished between Cardi B and Offset. The relationship between the two rap stars seems to finally come to an end: to give the ad the same Cardi B on Instagram with a video message urbi et orbi. “It is not the fault of anyone, we just drifted emotionally.

And we are not together. I will continue to love him very well because he is the father of my daughter.” The couple, in fact, only in July had welcomed their first child Kulture Kiari Cinctus that, in 2017, he had announced his marriage.

The end of the relationship was also confirmed by the same Offset that was limited to ripostare the video message for his ex-wife. “I tried to make things work with the father of my daughter for quite a while.” he confided to his followers Dear B, “We are good friends and know that we’re great business partners, and is a person for whom I would go up at the end of the world to be able to talk to.”

All finished? Maybe not. Offset has wanted to go for broke and made an incursion during the last concert of Cardi B, appearing on stage with chocolates and roses, and asking to come back with her. A gesture is undeniably romantic, but equally undeniably immature (and perhaps overly personal) that does not seem to have had the desired effect in the star that, while defending the father of her daughter, has reiterated his intention not to return with him.

But who knows that, as often happens in the world of stars, not just the next chapter of a story yet to be written. In the end, if they are roses, they will bloom. But away from the stage.

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