Cardi B has churned out a hit on the coronavirus (without his knowledge)


The rapper has vented on Instagram screaming his concern for the pandemic but soon after his video became a remix that is all the rage in the charts all over the world

In many know the rapper Cardi B for her style over-the-top, and his aesthetic is decidedly daring. The singer has found the way to talk about iteven if virtually, in an unconscious way, even in this period dominated by the news on coronavirus. In a video posted on Instagram last march 11, in his way Cardi B warned fans because the threat of the pandemic was becoming a real even in the United States: “I don’t know that c*pric is this coronavirus, I know that the only m*rda of the virus first was in Wuhan in China, and now also here“, he says with the excitement of the artist between a swear word and the other, admitting to be frightened by the situationthat instead, until a couple of days ago, it was definitely undervalued overseas. Ends screaming: “Coronavirus! Coronavirus! I’m telling you, shit is real! Shit is getting real!“.

Really a bizarre way, but fully in line with his character communicate to her fans the apprehension about the current situation. That Cardi B could not know is that that video would become the inspiration for a hit become – sorry for the pun – viral immediately. The Dj iMarkkeyz, famous for turning into motivetti music meme the plethora of on the internet, he immediately saw the video of the rapper and has transformed the woman’s screams into a the song is very rhythmicsuitably interspersed with some coughing. The song immediately became very popular, ending up to be the soundtrack of numerous clip on TikTok but also coming heard extensively on all music platforms. The piece even went in the charts all over the world, coming to the the first place on iTunes in Bulgaria, Egypt and Brazil, but appearing also in seventh place in the United States.

I just wanted that the people up ahead“ said the dj: “And then I wanted to show a Cardi that people love it for what it is“. The same singer has welcomed with enthusiasm the the success of the songand , admitting that might make us a music video and premurandosi to be insert in the official credits. Also this is for a good cause, however: the two have announced that the the proceeds of the song will be donated in support of the efforts made to stem the spread of the virus itself.

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